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The ROYGBIV Project: Yellow

The third colour in the ROYGBIV series is Yellow. Yellow is a colour with divergent meanings: it is the colour of cowardice and cheapness, it is the colour of sunshine and joy. It is bright and energizing and can symbolize either hope or caution. That’s a lot of meaning to put into a single shoot. For my shoot I went with what was available in my house at the time, with no effort to generate sub-text. Natural objects are represented by the humble and ubiquitous banana while No Name food packaging, Ikea dishes and a painted clay pot stand in for the man-made objects. Continue reading

The ROYGBIV Project: Red

Summer is here and it’s a good time to launch a new photography project. Thirsty Thursday was fun, I sampled a lot of good beer and had fun building various DIY lighting setups and experimenting. With the ROYGBIV Project, I’ve decided to focus on a single lighting set-up and to concentrate on the technical side of shooting – logging and being aware of/in control of my camera’s settings.

What is the ROYGBIV Project?

Simply put, I’ll be shooting sample objects following the colours of the spectrum: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet. I’ll also include Black, White, Grey & Brown. My intent is to shoot 2 objects for each colour: 1 natural & 1 manufactured. Most will be shot in studio with some location shoots as needed or found.

For each shoot I’ll include a brief description of my lighting choices, share some of the camera metadata and Lightroom process as well as offer some insights on the entire process and results as I progress. My intent is to keep the Photoshop to a minimum. For those who know me, that will be tough, I’ve been retouching in PS for close to twenty years – it’ll be a hard habit to break.

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