Link List, volume 42


Understanding Channels.

More things to with Channels.

Use channels to make a stereoscopic 3D image.

Add depth with Spot Colours and Channels.

Getting all spacey: Create a Red Giant Star.

Tips & Tricks

New Brush features in CS6.

Brush tool in-depth.

Brush quick tip from the gang at Photofocus.

Mask & move an object’s shadow.

How to mask hair.


Halftone Brush Set.


James White is a designer and artist working in Halifax (yeah, Can-Con). His blog is called Signalnoise and you can check out his work. Vibrant colours and simple, strong illustrations are his signature. Computer Arts Magazine, Wired UK and a personal line of merch are some of the places you can see his work.

Here’s another guy who loves colour: Chuck Anderson, also known as Nopattern. He uses photographs and ads dramatic colour and light to create his signature style. ESPN, Businessweek and others are asking for his work.

Not all great work comes out of single individuals, check out Depthcore a group of artists with complimentary styles who work collaboratively and produce art in chapters – thematic groupings of artwork. And all this collaboration has led them to do work for the latest Grammy Awards.

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