Link List, volume 33


InDesign & Photoshop

Working with monotone layouts.




Create a space scene. While this might be something you create, the way the tools are used is what is important to learn. Figure out how you can use these techniques in your own work. And check out Iceflow Studio‘s site for other great tutorials and info.

Another space themed tutorial, this time making a planet using Photshop’s 3D tools.

Make glow effects (and use Transform<Warp) to create an energetic image.

Tips & Tricks

Understanding the Saturation Tools.

I think Curves are the most powerful adjustment tool available. Watch this video and become a Curves master.

Using Quick Select and Refine Edge (love Refine Edge!) to extract an image.




Radial patterns using Type, Transform & Blend.

Tips & Tricks

Quick Web Icons.


Summer Reading List

For the Web Designer, 20 free e-books.

Dig deeper into design theory with this list.


Design Inspiration


I love Jarek’s blend of physical media & techniques with digital. The Adobe Spotlight and his personal site.

A master of personal re-invention, a consummate story-teller and artist, Hillman Curtis passed away in April. Visit his site and explore the body of work he left with us to motivate and inspire us.

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