Link List, volume 30



Create a beautifully detailed eye from an image.

Chunky, line art style portrait.

Making a geometric op-art poster with random colour fills using Illustrator’s ExtendScript toolkit.

I do love a nice text effect. Here’s some Gothic Linework Typography.

Tips & Tricks

CS6 enhancement: Image Trace.

Adding Character with the Stroke tools.



Creating Clipping Paths in InDesign.

Making PDF forms.

Tips & Tricks

CS6 enhancements: Content Collector.

CS6 enhancements: Liquid Layouts.



40 tutorials on Repairing & Colourizing old images and some retouching basics.

Tips & Tricks

CS6 enhancement: Oil Paint filter.

CS6 enhancement: more powerful Layer groups.

CS6 enhancement: Adaptive Wide Angle filter.

Cool tricks with Shadows.

And for a more detail, Understanding Inner Shadows.


Camera RAW is magic, but how much can it do?


Trends in Typography.

Design Reading List

Graphic Design: History in the Writing looks like an awesome collection of essays.

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