Link List, volume 27

Creative Suite 6 & Creative Cloud

It’s official, Creative Suite 6 is available as of yester day (May 7) and Creative Cloud will be launched May 11 – Friday. Can’t wait.


Here are a bunch of InDesign Tips, Tricks and Tutorials that I’ve been hoarding. Time to share them.

Working with type:

Using your First Baseline to perfectly align type.

You’ve set your Baseline control, now to vertically balance columns to avoid widows & orphans.

10 tips to help you master typography.

Advanced Typography primer, covering Special Characters & Glyphs (including Keyboard Shortcuts.)

Text Wrap & Fit Content options explained.

Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

InDesign Basics: (Everything) You need to know starting out with InDesign.

Book mark this page: InDesign Magazine’s Tip of the Week.

Mastering Master Pages.

The Perfect Page: Grids that create harmony.

Building your grid: How to construct a Penguin book cover.

Mind the Gap: tools that help align your objects to the Grid.

Create a Grid on the fly using Live Distribute.

Find yourself using the same elements over and over again? You need to harness the power of Snippets.

Using Anchored Objects to make your Tables stand out.

Smart Guides, not just in Illustrator.

11 Tricks that will make you more efficient.

Some inspiring tutorials.

Magazine design tutorials.

InDesign & the Web

A web developer’s guide to InDesign as a dev tool.


Common print job templates. (envelopes, door hangers, presentation folders & more.)

Don’t know the difference between a Blind Emboss and Deboss? Check out this Print Terminology Glossary.

InDesign & Creative Cloud

CS6 feature: Content Collector tool.

CS6 feature: Liquid Layout.

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