Link List, volume 30



Create a beautifully detailed eye from an image.

Chunky, line art style portrait.

Making a geometric op-art poster with random colour fills using Illustrator’s ExtendScript toolkit.

I do love a nice text effect. Here’s some Gothic Linework Typography.

Tips & Tricks

CS6 enhancement: Image Trace.

Adding Character with the Stroke tools.



Creating Clipping Paths in InDesign.

Making PDF forms.

Tips & Tricks

CS6 enhancements: Content Collector.

CS6 enhancements: Liquid Layouts.



40 tutorials on Repairing & Colourizing old images and some retouching basics.

Tips & Tricks

CS6 enhancement: Oil Paint filter.

CS6 enhancement: more powerful Layer groups.

CS6 enhancement: Adaptive Wide Angle filter.

Cool tricks with Shadows.

And for a more detail, Understanding Inner Shadows.


Camera RAW is magic, but how much can it do?


Trends in Typography.

Design Reading List

Graphic Design: History in the Writing looks like an awesome collection of essays.

Link List, volume 29


Tips & Tricks

Multiple page sizes in a single document: Mastering the Page tool.

InDesign Keyboard shortcuts.

A years worth of Tips & Tricks from CreativePro.

Black is Black, right? Not when you’re going to print. Get a handle on the different shades of Black.


Setting up a Baseline Grid for good typography.

Where do I get such fabulous toys? Check out Noupe’s InDesign Toolbox. It’s got links to InDesign focused sites, tutorials and other resources.



Create glowing disco lines.

Make a retro triangle pattern.

Create Isometric Grid 3D lettering.

70 great tutorials for making your type pop and other tutorials to make you an Illustrator master.

Mastering your tools: 35 tutorials focusing on specific Illustrator tools.

Welcome to the 3rd dimension: create a 3D airplane.


Tips & Tricks

Fun type treatments with 3D postcards.

Using Layer Comps to improve your workflow.

Using the Lens Blur filter.

Using tools on Smart Object Layers.


Create Liquid effects.

And just in time for summer, how to create an elephant sundae.

Design Process

Thoughts on Design: Essential Reading

Keeping up on your game, a summer reading list from Frank Chimero.

Design is a job. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Branding and Logo Design

Tips for crafting the perfect logo.

More thoughts on logo design.

And a reminder that Branding is more than a Logo.

Can you use math to solve design problems? Why of course you can!

Link List, volume 28

This week I’m trying to establish a more general format for the Link Lists. I’ll present 3 or more categories relating to Graphic Design with emphasis always on the beloved Trinity of software (Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop) supported with business, inspiration and other related links.


Create a very cool badge with some creative combination of a simple blend and masks for complex details.

Getting the most out of the Blend tool.

Create a Spiral Blend.

Working with Envelope Distort.

50 tutorials to help you master Illustrator.


Creative uses of the Curves Adjustment Layer.

Creative a Film Edge Burn look with Curves.

Using Curves to control skin tone.

And a companion video to the last, Retouching Skin.

3 Ways to improve an image (or text) if you absolutely have to enlarge it.

10  photo-illustration tricks.

Business Matters: Tips for Freelancing

Is Freelancing right for you?

Resources for the new Freelancer.

How to deal with some common Freelance perceptions.

Guidelines for getting paid.

Working from home? You need to stay productive.

So you’re making money as a freelancer, now what? These tips are specific to the US, but the advice still stands no matter where you live.