Monday Link List, volume 23

My students are embarking on a new project for the remainder of the term: they are creating a personal email newsletter to promote themselves as designers.

To support their efforts, instead of the usual tutorial and tip links, I’ll be sharing links on personal branding and networking, those essential design skills that aren’t discovered looking at a monitor.

Start with YOU. Branding and presenting yourself.

Sharing an inspired vision.

5 tips for making your brand stand out.

A Network, it’s not what connects the computers in the lab, it’s what connects you to clients and peers

You don’t learn everything in design school.

Social networks can benefit you, 5 reasons to use Linked In.

Zerply, a more creative approach to networking.

How to effectively email busy people.

Please read and adopt the Email Charter.

Success requires work. How to start and some tips to grow as a freelancer.

You need to have a plan. You are a business.

Not everything costs money. Get out there and participate.

3 top traits of a great freelancer. And Design isn’t one of them.

So you want to work in-house. Agency, boutique, corporate, it doesn’t matter, you need to put your best self forward.

No resumes please, send a link to your web presence. and The resume is dead.

Or is it?

Resume or bio, you still need to present yourself. Some tips.

You’ve got the interview, now what?

Tips on showing your portfolio.

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