Monday Link List, volume 25

There really is only one topic today, Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud.

Here’s a round-up of all you need to know:

Adobe TV: CS6 & Creative Cloud Feature Tour.

Adobe Creative Suite 6.

Adobe Creative Cloud.

Terry White’s Tech Blog.

Computer Arts, CS6: The Creative Pro’s Guide.

Creative Bloq, Adobe CS6 review. I like that they list hardware specs too.

What do I think?

I love the productivity enhancements (Illustrator’s new Pattern Tool & Gradient on a Stroke), I love the integration of the apps and Creative Cloud and exporting from Flash to HTML5. I worry that forcing people into an integrated workflow will make for lazy decisions – do it the way the software supports or the specific tool works – instead of building and exploring other options or more manual approaches. Innovation and stylistic discoveries happen when the presets are exhausted and the creative is forced to make things happen and discover unrealized combinations and processes. That said, once you get to the end of the road as defined by the  toolsets of CS6, I hope for a brave new world of creative expression, enabled by the previously mention productivity and tool enhancements – now that the tools do so much, it gives creatives the time to push them further.

Monday Link List, volume 24

Let’s start with the future. Some sneak peaks at some new features to be included with Illustrator CS6:

First, Pattern Creation. Love how it updates live as you work.

And this one is absolute magic! Gradients on Strokes. Such an awesome feature, no more Blends or Appearance workarounds.

Defiantly a mixed bag of resources this week. The usual tutorials, some resources (high res images & vectors), Design Theory, and some inspiration. Enjoy.


Masking Patterns in Illustrator.

Psychedelic Portrait using the Width Tool, Stroke Profiles & Custom Brushes.

A whole bunch of video tutorials you should watch.

Using Styles to control text in Illustrator.

Create a Geometric Flower.


Great site for resources, business/motivation & tutorials: Design Instruct.

Vector Floral Sets.

Design Theory

I like this article on working with Visual Weight.

Infographics to help with Typography, Colour Theory and Web Design.

How about a summer reading list?

A Graphic Design Primer, Part 1,  Part 2, and Part 3.


Japanese Graphic Design from the 1920s & 30s.

Scandinavian Logo Design from the 1960s & 70s.

Monday Link List, volume 23

My students are embarking on a new project for the remainder of the term: they are creating a personal email newsletter to promote themselves as designers.

To support their efforts, instead of the usual tutorial and tip links, I’ll be sharing links on personal branding and networking, those essential design skills that aren’t discovered looking at a monitor.

Start with YOU. Branding and presenting yourself.

Sharing an inspired vision.

5 tips for making your brand stand out.

A Network, it’s not what connects the computers in the lab, it’s what connects you to clients and peers

You don’t learn everything in design school.

Social networks can benefit you, 5 reasons to use Linked In.

Zerply, a more creative approach to networking.

How to effectively email busy people.

Please read and adopt the Email Charter.

Success requires work. How to start and some tips to grow as a freelancer.

You need to have a plan. You are a business.

Not everything costs money. Get out there and participate.

3 top traits of a great freelancer. And Design isn’t one of them.

So you want to work in-house. Agency, boutique, corporate, it doesn’t matter, you need to put your best self forward.

No resumes please, send a link to your web presence. and The resume is dead.

Or is it?

Resume or bio, you still need to present yourself. Some tips.

You’ve got the interview, now what?

Tips on showing your portfolio.