Monday Link List, volume 17

Copyright/Legal & Inspiration vs Imitation

Can you own a Style?
Understand your rights. This article is from a British publication, but the points are valid.
Imitation. Idea Theft. Portfolios. A provocative read.
Inspiration vs Imitation.


Be the Best, at whatever it is you are passionate about.
Work with Intention: focusing your Interests, Skills & Opportunities.
Managing Failure. In Design, failure is inevitable. What are you doing to learn from it?
Avoiding friction & learning to pace yourself.
Creative Mornings Talk: The Top 10 Things I wish I Knew When I Graduated College.
Things you won’t learn in school.
8 tips for the designer in their first studio job.


Don’t discount those who have come before you.
Ad teachings, a blog that spotlights great communication solutions. (FYI, that’s what good design is for).

Business Practices: Billing.

How to get paid.
A guide to online payment options.
Fuck you. Pay me. A designers message to difficult clients.
Getting Paid, How Much and When? Contracts & Invoices.
Make a Contract. Get a Layer. A little money up front will save you big bucks and headaches later.

Business Practices: Freelance

Freelance Tips from a Hiring Manager.
How to keep the money coming.
Thinking long-term – what’s your retirement plan?

Business Practices: Managing your Business (Got MBA?)

A series of articles on starting out as a freelance designer.

Expanding your Business.

Work Habits

Managing Information Overload.
Avoiding Burnout.

Work Space

Co-working/shared spaces (find a place, or share yours for extra income) and Networking spaces:
HUB Ottawa. 
The Code Factory. 


Who you Know, What you’ve Done and How you Hustle.
Overcome your shyness. Networking and self-promotion are not for wall flowers. But it’s doesn’t need to be a terrifying experience.
5 Steps to Building your Network.

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