Monday Link List, volume 17

Copyright/Legal & Inspiration vs Imitation

Can you own a Style?
Understand your rights. This article is from a British publication, but the points are valid.
Imitation. Idea Theft. Portfolios. A provocative read.
Inspiration vs Imitation.


Be the Best, at whatever it is you are passionate about.
Work with Intention: focusing your Interests, Skills & Opportunities.
Managing Failure. In Design, failure is inevitable. What are you doing to learn from it?
Avoiding friction & learning to pace yourself.
Creative Mornings Talk: The Top 10 Things I wish I Knew When I Graduated College.
Things you won’t learn in school.
8 tips for the designer in their first studio job.


Don’t discount those who have come before you.
Ad teachings, a blog that spotlights great communication solutions. (FYI, that’s what good design is for).

Business Practices: Billing.

How to get paid.
A guide to online payment options.
Fuck you. Pay me. A designers message to difficult clients.
Getting Paid, How Much and When? Contracts & Invoices.
Make a Contract. Get a Layer. A little money up front will save you big bucks and headaches later.

Business Practices: Freelance

Freelance Tips from a Hiring Manager.
How to keep the money coming.
Thinking long-term – what’s your retirement plan?

Business Practices: Managing your Business (Got MBA?)

A series of articles on starting out as a freelance designer.

Expanding your Business.

Work Habits

Managing Information Overload.
Avoiding Burnout.

Work Space

Co-working/shared spaces (find a place, or share yours for extra income) and Networking spaces:
HUB Ottawa. 
The Code Factory. 


Who you Know, What you’ve Done and How you Hustle.
Overcome your shyness. Networking and self-promotion are not for wall flowers. But it’s doesn’t need to be a terrifying experience.
5 Steps to Building your Network.

Monday Link List, volume 16

Back to Basics

Graphic Design Principles: Balance, Proximity, Alignment, Repletion, Contrast.

Why Grids? It is a tool for generating form, arranging images, and organizing, information, and  The main idea behind grid-based designs is a solid visual and structural balance.

Anotomy of Grids.

Sketching and Grids speed up design.

Using (and Breaking) Grids.

Quick Tool Tips

The Bristle Brush (and Draw Inside).

Op Art with Envelope Distort.

Using Envelope Distort with the Polar Mesh Tool.

The Blob Brush.

Warp Tools.

Using the Pencil & Smooth Tools.

Complex Symbols using Pathfinder.

Putting Type onto a badge (typing around a circle).

Creating a star burst using Stroke.

10 Tips to give your work polish.

Getting some Perspective – using the Perspective Grid

Defining a Perspective Grid.

Drawing in Perspective.

Mapping flat artwork to a Perspective Grid.

Using Perspective Grid to quickly create a product box.

More Perspective – 3D tools and other ways to create art in perspective

Create a 3D rocket.

Add embossed letters to a cube.

Creating Isometric Illustrations.

Create a Geometric Pattern.

3d Chrome Text.

Making & Using Symbols

Quick tip – make & use Symbols.

Working efficiently with Symbols.

Symbols Indepth.