Monday Link List, volume 13


Check out Veerle Pieters’ site, great inspiration and some awesome tutorials .

Creating Gradients:

Illustrator’s own overview of the Gradient Tool & Panel.

Create and Edit Gradients.

Understanding Blend:

A comprehensive Guide to the Blend Tool.

Blend Options in Illustrator.

Blend Tool Quick Tips.

Blending Gradients and Creating Gradients with Blends.

Repalcing the Spine in a Blend.

Mastering the Gradient Mesh:

20 Master Class Gradient Mesh Tutorials.

Create a Burning Match with Gradient Mesh.

Sunglass Illustration with Gradient Mesh.

Working with Colour

Papercut look, staring with greyscale shapes.

Using Illustrator’s Colour Guide.

Live Trace & Live Paint

Live Trace:

Using Live Trace on a Sketch.

Live Paint:

Painting with Live Paint

Tips & Tricks

5 Cool Tips & Tricks.

6 Little Known Features.

Working with Strokes.

Getting Comfortable with Keyboard Shortcuts.

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