Monday Link List, volume 15


Visit The League of Moveable Type for a selection of quality, FREE, fonts.


Creating 3D Objects with Extrude & Bevel and with Revolve.

Vintage 3D Stars.

Product mock-up with Extrude & Bevel: Baked Beans.

Quickly make a ring or wrist band.

And even more applications of the 3D Revolve Effect.

Creating 3D Text.

3D Pixel Type.

Making Icons.

Using Illustrator’s Perspective Drawing Tool.

Tips & Tricks

Using Symbols.

Just for Fun:

Illustration Time-lapse Video of a t-shirt design.

Monday Link List, volume 14

Tips & Tricks:

Controlling Type.

Managing Artboards.

Working with Color Guide.

The VectorTuts+ Guide to Illustrator Tools.   Especially these guides: The Paint Brush Tool and Brush Panel and the Introduction to Illustrator’s Color Tools.


Creating Light by Controlling Transparency.

Using Brushes to Create Complex Shades.

Creating a Curtain. Includes using the Width Tool, Art Brushes and Gradient Meshes.

Creating Woodcut Effects.

Monday Link List, volume 13


Check out Veerle Pieters’ site, great inspiration and some awesome tutorials .

Creating Gradients:

Illustrator’s own overview of the Gradient Tool & Panel.

Create and Edit Gradients.

Understanding Blend:

A comprehensive Guide to the Blend Tool.

Blend Options in Illustrator.

Blend Tool Quick Tips.

Blending Gradients and Creating Gradients with Blends.

Repalcing the Spine in a Blend.

Mastering the Gradient Mesh:

20 Master Class Gradient Mesh Tutorials.

Create a Burning Match with Gradient Mesh.

Sunglass Illustration with Gradient Mesh.

Working with Colour

Papercut look, staring with greyscale shapes.

Using Illustrator’s Colour Guide.

Live Trace & Live Paint

Live Trace:

Using Live Trace on a Sketch.

Live Paint:

Painting with Live Paint

Tips & Tricks

5 Cool Tips & Tricks.

6 Little Known Features.

Working with Strokes.

Getting Comfortable with Keyboard Shortcuts.

Monday Link List, volume 12

It’s the first link list of the 2012, and the 12th one ever, must be sort of numerological convergence.

Well, for the new year we are going to change gears and look at Illustrator tutorials. For those of you following along at home, the main focus of these posts reflects the courses I am currently teaching, and this term it’s Illustrator.

So we’ll start with some introductory resources and some skill builders.

Getting Started with Illustrator

Creating your own default document.

10 things you should know.

25 techniques to make you a more efficient designer.

Getting a handle on the pen tool.


Create seamless geometric patters (straight from Adobe’s help tool). There’s nothing wrong looking in the help files, that’s why they’re there.

Another pattern tutorial, for a looser look.

Tips & Tricks

Using the Transform Panel as a calculator (also works in any numerical input field).

Feeling confident? Check out these Ask a CS Pro tutorials.

And lastly, a Keyboard Shortcuts cheat sheet.