Monday Link List, volume 10


Build an isometric cityscape pattern using Illustrator & Photoshop.

Creating an animation with Photoshop.

You should all listen to Colin Smith– this guys knows everything about Adobe’s Creative Suite.

A great round-up of Icon Design Tutorials.

How to create a Film Strip border from scratch.

Tips & Tricks

Mastering exposure problems in Camera Raw.

The best way to convert to Black & White.

Using Black & White adjustments to control an images tonality.

Capture swatches from any image.

Inspiration is offering some documentaries about creative process, agency insights and other inspirational topics for free.


Advent calendars for the web-inclined.

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is offering selections of its’ collection for free, online.

Monday Link List, volume 9

Tips & Tricks

Exporting design elements from Photoshop for web or applications.

Photo Effect Actions

Retro Look and Instagram Style.

100 Actions and How to Make Your Own.

Smashing Magazine’s Ultimate Photoshop Actions Collection.

70 of the best Photoshop Actions.

And yes, there is some repetition in those lists of actions, but still lots of inspiration.

Something for the holidays

A typographic advent calendar from the good folks at Fontdeck.