Monday Link List, volume 7


Turn day into night.

Masking Fundamentals a sample tutorial form

Some great composition techniques.

Using Photoshop for Fine Art & Illustration.

Cool technique: Adding sunbeams to an image.

It might be from 2010, but there’s some great tips, tracks & tutorials in this Smashing Magazine roundup.

Still struggling to grasp Refine Edge? Watch this video tutorial from Terry White.

Tips & Tricks

Working with Layer Groups.

Monday Link List, volume 6

How well do you see colour?

Design Lecture

Montréal Meets 2 featuring:

James White: Artist, designer and speaker. Proud Canadian. Spectrum explorer. 1-man wrecking crew behind Signalnoise Studio.
Fabio Sasso: Founder of – Senior Designer at Google
Scott Hansen designer/musician.


Photoshop basics – 10 Tutorials to help you get comfortable with Photoshop.

Photo Effects.

Photo Montage & Manipulations.

Tips & Tricks for Retouching Part 1 and Part 2.

Another Lomography Effect Tutorial.

Fashion magazine retouching technique.

Poster Design Turotials.

Tron and Neon Effects.

Tips & Tricks

Using Content Aware Fill to create a pattern.

Little Known Feature Enhancements.


Why use Vectors in Photoshop?